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Carpet Mat Water Block

water block mats


Feature:               Absorbent



Construction:      Water Block Carpet Mat The backing is made of a SBR/NR non-

                            staining, non-marking anti-skid rubber compound, so your mat stays

                            put.  A molded rubber border keeps dirt and moisture in the mat,

                            protecting your carpets and floors. The carpet is made of quick drying

                            polyester, which is extremely strong with durable fibers resistant to

                            most chemicals. The polyester also resists stretching and shrinking,

                            mildew and abrasion. 



Use:                 Malls – Banks – Hotels – Offices  - Condo/Apartment Building –Schools 


Mat Sizes :    2' x 3' - 3' x 4' - 3' x 5' - 4' x 6' 


Thickness:     ¼” (approx.)


Color:             Black – Brown – Blue -  Gray –Green - Red ]




Water Block offers rubber molded domes that project up from the base.  The domes are covered by carpet. The result of this is a carpet mat that doesn’t crush or compress when walked on.  The domes covered by carpet aggressively attacks dirt and grime on shoes and then holds the scraped off dirt down below inside the mat.


The domes are (approx.) ¼” higher than the base creating a durable mat and with a depth of approx. ¼” holds substantial water.  The beveled edges are high, which gives a finished aesthetic affect that holds the water in the mat.


24 ounces per square yard with a surface that allows water to migrate to the bottom of this mat providing a slip resistant surface usable indoor or outdoor.  Colorfast with a depth that holds dirt and water below foot level


Water Blocks function is to keep as much moisture and grime from entering a building. This unique construction holds more moisture and dirt due to the depression and the raised beveled edge which stops all mosture and holds it .


Water Block along with other carpet mats are one of the multitude of runners U. S. Mat offers to keep the interior of the premises in buildings clean and sanitary.


It also affords a walk safe surface elimating slips and falls.  A small outlay for this mat gives so many advantages it’s a real bargain






Vacuum and hose and hang to dry







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