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Runner Matting -  Pebble Top  (Rubber)


rubber pebble top

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Construction:   Rubber Pebbled Surface – Non directional pattern


Use:                  Anywhere runners are used to cover areas for floor protection, safety and



Thickness:  ¼” 


Color:    Black


Widths:   2’ – 3’ – 4’ – 6’


Lengths:  up to 75’


Cut lengths available


Pebble surface matting is a very durable runner matting for use as floor protection – safety and maintenance.


The pebble surface creates slip resistant matting that can be used indoors and outdoors.


***Also available in 3/8” and ½” special orders only***


***Special orders for widths as wide as 8’ available***


 The advantage of widths as wide as 8’ is the availability of covering large areas with a product durable enough for extreme conditions



Physical Property Data:


Property                                 ASTM  Test Method                                                 Value


Hardness, Shore A                        D2240-91                                                  85 -90

Heat Aged Changed                                                                                      no change


Tensile Strength @                       D412-98-A                                                 4.78

Break against grain, MPA                                                                  

Heat Aged Change, %                                                                                      +2.1


Elongation @ Break                      D412-98-A                                       

Against grain %                                                                                                  243

Heat Aged Change, %                                                                                      -24.3



Tear Strength against                   D624-00, Die B                                            45.6

Grain, kN/m 


Ozone Resistance                         D1149-99                                                 No cracking


Tear Strength                                                                                                       37.1

(ozone exposed), kN/m


Flammability, mm/min                FMVSS-302                                               32.9 mm/min 


Cold Flexibility                           FLTM BN102-01                                      No cracking


After heat Aged                                                                                             No surface

Visual Evaluations                                                                               Tackiness or cracks                                                                                                                                      


Co-efficient of Friction

            Static                                                                                                     1.601                 

            Dynamic                                                                                               1.2316


Taber Abrasion, mg/rev.mass loss                                                                     0.1635

Volume Change, %                                                                                                 98       



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