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Finger Tip "Entrance Guard"

entrance mats



entrance mats

 Specifications  Terms and Conditions   

  Construction :  Comprised of heavy-duty construction with hundreds of cleaning  

fingers. Able to withstand even the harshest of environments and climates. The tapered edge around the perimeter forms a retaining wall that holds dirt and water in the solid base. Dirt removed from the shoe drops down into the mat. Dirt and water are then retained until time for disposal, helping to eliminate tracked in dirt and moisture. Beveled edges

and fingers" assure a slip and trip resistant surface while corrugated bottom holds mat in place.



Use:                 Walk over this mat! It does the rest! Hundreds of strong flexible rubber

                         fingers go to work under the shoes, brushing and scraping dirt and grit

                         right off. Cleaning is easy. Mats are light enough to be removed, turned

                         over with little effort, and the stored dirt and water is quickly released.

                        Great addition to any entrance or hallway.



Mat Sizes:       16” x 24”

                        18” x 30”

                        24” x 32”

                        28” x 46”

32” x 39”

36” x  60

                        36” x 72”


                        36” x 144” *Bevel edges on long edges only*


Thickness:      5/8”


Color:             Black



The quality of the rubber compound determines the quality of the finger tip mat.  The fingers have to stay flexible.  The traffic that goes over the mat and the use of it out doors where it is subject to the sun and ozone age the rubber and make the fingers brittle.   Then the fingers will break off detracting from its effectiveness and aesthetics.


Rubber formulas are made to withstand the enviroment the product is in. A quality fingertip will last for many years.  U. S. Mat has a 3’ x 6’  “Entrance Guard” mat outdoors in front of our door.  It has been there for twenty-five years and shows no wear.  The fingertips are all intact.



The base of the mat is encased in a 5/8” high bevel edge on all sides.  It holds everything it comes in contact with. – Rain – Snow – Dirt – Grime A combination of a finger tip mat outdoor and vinyl or rubber back carpet mats inside a vestibule removes most of what is tracked into a building.  Inside runners, rubber, vinyl, or carpet completes the job of maintenance.


The back of the mat is designed with a rubber back that keeps it in place.


A fully functional product that’s why we call it  “ A Janitor in a mat”



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