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Flooring - "Recycled Tire Tiles" - Duratile 



 Specifications   Terms and Conditions   

Flooring  -  Duratile



Construction:    Tiles are manufactured from recycled tires – the top surface has a nap

                          which is ideal for soaking up moisture and cleaning the shoes of dirt and

                          dust. Low maintenance and durable – slip resistant



Use:                   Ideally suited for the heaviest wear areas, such as Airports – Banks -        

Department Stores  - Country Clubs (for spike shoe traffic) –

Entrance ways


Tile Size:         12" x 12"


Color:                Natural Gray


Thickness:        3/8”


Weight:            2 lbs/sq ft





Duratile can used for covered exterior installations where the weather can take a beating on flooring – even when soaking wet.  Duratile will retain its skid resistant properties providing sure footing in the worst conditions.    Tiles can be vacuumed, swept or washed with a mild soap.



Maintenance Instructions



Vacuum daily with a heavy-duty commercial type vacuum cleaner that

features a rotary power brush or beater bar to remove deeply embedded

dirt particles, especially in heavy traffic areas. Matting products release

more soil when dry.


Spot Removal

If a spill occurs, use a clean absorbent cloth or paper towel to absorb as

much of the liquid as possible. Spray the stained area with an all-purpose

spot remover and rub the surface with a clean white cloth. Turn the cloth

often to a clean side. Grease or oil based stains may require a citrus-

solvent based spot remover. All-purpose and citrus-solvent spot removers

are available from your local janitorial supply distributor.




1.            Thoroughly sweep the substrate to remove all dirt and debris.


2.            Determine the centerline in both north-south and east-west directions of the installation area.  Snap chalk lines on the centerline in both directions forming a cross.


3.            Spread adhesive with a 1/32” fine-notched trowel. Duratile adhesive coverage will be approximately 70 – 130- sq. ft. per gallon.  Allow adhesive to flash for 15 minutes prior to installation.  Apply only as much adhesive as can be installed within 30 minutes.


4.            After providing sufficient open time for the adhesive, begin the tile installation


·      Important: appropriate open time depends on several factors such as substrate porosity (longer if the substrate is non-porous): room temperature (longer if room is too hot or cold); and amount of adhesive applied (longer if more used).


·      Never use fans or apply fewer adhesives than required to speed up set-up time. This will likely result in loss of adhesion (installation failure) within three to nine months.


5.            Start the installation in the center and install the first tile-aligning corner with the cross of the caulk centerline.  Press tiles firmly into adhesive.


6.            Continue installing tiles in a parquet pattern by quarter turning each tile.  Work from the center to the outside edges of the area.


7.            Using a 150-lb, three section floor roller, roll the adhered areas.  Roll at least, once in each direction (horizontally and vertically) to ensure that the adhesive has transferred completely to the backing.  Refer to adhesive manufacture’s instructions for detailed instructions.


8.            Repeat steps 3- 7 for the remaining floor.


9.            Once finished, smooth the entire floor again with roller.

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