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U.S. Mat & Rubber Corporation: U. S. Manufactured Durable Floor Mats, Anti- Fatigue Mats and Matting

About U.S. Mat & Rubber Corp

Innovative right from the beginning, U.S. Mat & Rubber started in 1971 with a newly designed durable floor mat called Comfort Safe. Comfort Safe was the first no slip drainage mat developed for commercial kitchens and other areas where grease, oil, and water required drainage and a safe slip-resistant floor. The Comfort Safe no slip drainage mat, combined with the development of several other drainage mats, was so well received that our company sales grew from zero to $5 million within the first three years.

Diamond Plate Safety Anti-Fatigue Mats

Never ones to rest on our laurels, the second product developed by U.S. Mat & Rubber was the Diamond Plate Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat. Users quickly found that the mat’s diamond plate design ensured user’s safety because there is traction in every direction. The success of the Diamond Plate Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat soon became an industry standard.

Industrial & Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats, Drainage-Safety Mats, Electrical Protection Mats…

Still innovative and still manufacturing in the U.S., U.S. Mat & Rubber ships our Industrial & Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats, Drainage-Safety Mats, and Electrical Protection Mats— along with many other mats and matting— both nationally and internationally. Our foundation has always been a commitment to a rapid response to our customer’s mats and matting needs. The long term supplier relationships developed over the years allow us to maintain competitive pricing; manufacturing industrial & commercial mats in the U.S. allows for very quick deliveries.

Current Industrial & Commercial Mat Products

Today, U. S. Mat & Rubber manufactures a wide line of anti-fatigue mats that are used in various industries: commercial areas, barber and beauty establishments, warehouses—U.S. Mat anti-fatigue mats are found anywhere people work while standing. Additional mat products include a wide line of safety mats for protection against electric shock, dissipation of harmful static electricity, and slip resistant mats (protecting against slippage and falling).
We also specialize in mats and matting carrying logos, monograms, messages or advertising. Or, choose from a line of wall-to-wall indoor or outdoor carpeting in widths of up to 13'2" and lengths of up to 68' - 82' in one piece, or in tiles of 18" x 18" square.

Innovation and a commitment to supplying the right mats and matting for our customers’ requirements remain the cornerstone of our success. Contact us and we promise to find the right mat for your application.


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