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Construction:  Manufactured of natural coconut fibers.  Braided back  1 ½” thick with

                        heavy braid around the perimeter.


Use:                Tightly woven brush like surface ideal for cleaning shoes of dirt and

                       moisture for use in commercial or industrial areas.


Thickness:      1 ½”


Color:              Natural


Mat Sizes:      18” x 30” – 22” x 36” – 30” x 48” – 3’ x 5’ – 3’ x 6’ – 4’ x 6’


Koko mats - A standard mat that’s been around for at least 80 years.


Koko fibers are derived from the coconuts in India.


Koko mats  are made from selected coconut coir fibers and woven in a tough base with braided edges. Densely woven fibers absorb water and brush to whisk away traffic dirt and moisture from foot wear.These plain coir mats can be used for household & commercial entrances.


Koko fibers are strong and abrasive.  They are braided on the back and around the perimeter locking in the fibers creating a floor mat that acts like a brush.


Traffic passes over the mat while thousands of abrasive fibers go to work taking off dirt, snow and moisture. Koko mats can be placed outdoors but should not be exposed to direct rainfall.


Koko mats are made in standard sizes – the largest being  4’ x 6’.  


In order to custom make Koko mats it has to cut form Vinyl Back Koko.  An innovative advancement in Koko mat technology the fibers are encased in a vinyl back made in rolls that can be custom cut to any size.


Koko mats are made in quality gradations MB quality being of the best fibers and used commercially.  Other qualities are used in the domestic market where they are commonly used in front of a house.



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