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Celestial deluxe dome mat celestial deluxe dome mat


Feature:  Anti Fatigue


Construction:  The special surface design (raised domes) and the sponge base create an

ergonomically correct mat.  It feels like you are getting a constant foot massage.


Use:                 Relieves discomfort from standing. Available in many sizes and custom

                        lengths. Tapered edges for safety. Sponge cut out for chair base to rest on.


Mat Sizes:       18” x 30”

2' x 3'

3' x 4'

3' x 5'

3' x 54"

3' x 6'

3' x 64"


Thicknesses    5/8” & 1”


Widths:           2 ft

3 ft

4 ft

5 ft


Length:          up to 60 ft


Color:  Black  & Metallic Gray



A variance from conventional beauty mats – this can be used in the Salon as well as in industry.


The variance is the dome surface – domes that project upwards from the surface.  A foot massage while you work.  This is the ultimate increasing circulation.


All the other attributes of anti fatigue mats are present in this mat.


Mats vary in size – 3’ x 4’- 3’ x 54” – 3’ x 5’ – 3’ x 64” – 3’ x 6’


Custom sizes up to maximum width of 5’ – length up to 60’ – made to the users requirements – sizes to fit specific areas.


Thicknesses – 5/8”  - 1”


Bevelled edges for safety


It can be made to fit around obstacles or to predesigned lengths or shapes


Colors available – Black and Metallic Gray


Celetial is also used in industry for its oil resistant properties, slip resistant surface, and great fatigue relief properties.







Good circulation of blood throughout your body is key to good health.  Your feet are complex in that they contain 26 bones, over 50 ligaments and over 3 dozen muscles, as well as thousands of nerve endings.  If you stand while working, it’s very important that the blood circulates in order to replenish the oxygen, nutrients and glucose to all parts of the body…especially the feet and legs.


The purpose behind our anti-fatigue mats is to encourage your feet and legs to be constantly moving so as to assure good circulation and therefore better health overall.


U. S. MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION offers a wide variety of anti-fatigue mats and matting






Easy to clean by using a mild cleaning solution (soap) and warm water.




The structure of these mats are such they are made so that the bevel goes at a 450  angle down to the floor.  The purpose is to form a no trip edge. If a mat or a long roll is to be moved it has to be turned over.  To turn it over correctly the way to do it is to take a roll at one edge and without folding it hold it up high and carry that end backwards until that end crosses the opposite end. Then its upside down.


If the mat is folded over on itself or rolled backward it breaks the direction of the bevelled edge and it will not recover. The edge at the point it was forced down will not ever be down properly.



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