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carpet grabber
carpet grabber

Won't move on top of carpets
Stop Mats From Slipping On Tile Floors As Well As Carpeted Floors

Must specify which carpet top material (RUFF'N'READY, POLYMAT, MAJESTIGRID, and AZTEC) is to be utilized - select according to color and design desired.

Custom lengths available with vinyl on all edges

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Carpet pile consists of any standard carpet; Ruff'N'Ready, Polymat, Majestigrid and Aztec.


Over carpets cellular mesh backing resists moving and holds mats in place. Mat absorbs moisture and holds dirt protecting carpet and floor areas.

Mat Size

2 x 3 ft
3 x 4 ft
3 x 5 ft
3 x 6 ft
4 x 6 ft
4 x 8 ft


3 x 60 ft
4 x 60 ft
6 x 60 ft


All colors offered in Ruff'N'Ready, Polymat, Majestigrid and Aztec.

Length Information

Cut Lengths Available in any length up to 60' with vinyl all four sides

Carpet Grabber    

Carpet grabbers purpose is to stop vinyl back carpet from walking on carpets. It also works on floors that are highly glossed and create a potentially slippery surface.   Use over carpets- Carpets create a situation that when anything is placed on the carpet it will walk. The flexibility of the carpet fibers moving back and forth have this effect on anything covering the primary carpet.   In order to eliminate this problem carpet grabber is added to the covering mat. It consists of a rubber mesh adhered to the back of the carpet that has to be controlled.  The rubber mesh has high and low areas, which flex. The flexing and flex ability of the rubber grabs the carpet and stops the movement. The mesh can be added to any carpet. Therefore any carpet style or color can be made with the addition of mesh. Some of the most popular are Ruff N Ready and vinyl back Majestigrid.


The sizes that can be made are the same as offered in any of the carpets. All of the standard sizes and lengths, plus any custom made carpet width, length, and size or shape that the customer requires. Any carpet that is available can be stopped in its tracks by addition of mesh.


The carpet then stops the tracks that cause maintenance problems on your primary carpet plus tracked in dirt and moisture carried throughout the building. Carpet Grabber meets the U.S. DOC flammability regulation DOC FF1-70 and DOC FF2-70. Both the yarn and vinyl are fire retardant. The carpets do not support combustion.


Carpet Grabber is not confined to the movement of carpet mats on carpet. We have adapted it to any problem where any material will move when its use is on top of an unlike surface. We have many industrial situations where carpet grabber has solved a moving problem.


The mesh is available in standard widths of 3’, 4’, and 6’ rolls that are up to 60’ long.


The mesh can be used loose after a product has been put in use without mesh being attached. It still functions and stops unwanted movement.














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