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Carpeting Indoor -Outdoor Imperial Mats and Matting

Adhesive and nosing sold separately.

runner mats

 Specifications   Terms and Conditions   


Non-woven (Needlepunch) Single rib 100% solution dyed polypropylene. High Density Rubber 


Loose laid or cemented in place - indoors or outdoors to prevent tracked in dirt.


13' 2"


69 in


1/2 in

Face Weight

50 oz/yd²

Total Weight

81 oz/yd²

Pile Height

5/16" in



Charcoal, Natural, Sable Brown, Black Walnut, Steel Blue, Zinc, Light Gray, Autumn

Length Information

Cut Lengths Available










100% Solution-Dyed UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fibers – Non woven (needlepunch) single rib


The widths available 6’7” and 13’2” cover wide expanses and what can’t be covered in one section can be done in more than one section butting cleanly to the next section.


Roll length  6’7” up to  82’  -   13’ 2” up to 68’ 8”


Thickness:  ½”


Pile Height -  5/16” – Pile Weight – 50 oz/sqyd -  Total Weight 81 oz/sqyd


Flammability - ASTM D2859  CPSC  FF 1-70


Backing -High Density Rubber


Available in 8 colors - Zinc, Steel Blue, Light Gray – Charcoal – Natural -

Sable Brown – Black Walnut – Autumn


It can be custom made to fit the user’s requirements. It can be permanently installed with adhesive or laid loose.


In vestibules it keeps moisture and grime out of the building. The polypropylene fibers do not absorb water and dry faster than other types of fibers such as nylon.


It features durability, aesthetics, and beautiful colors to complement any area. It’s used outdoors to greet visitors to your building in a vestibule wall to wall gives the appearance of elegance. It can be used to cover interior areas wherever carpet is used.


Imperial carpet is also supplied in 18”x 18” tiles for permanent flooring tile. Tiles alleviate the replacement of carpet if something is damaged allowing replacement of the damaged area only.



Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions


Daily Cleaning

Vacuum daily with a heavy-duty commercial type vacuum cleaner that

features a rotary power brush or beater bar to remove deeply embedded

dirt particles, especially in heavy traffic areas. Matting products release

more soil when dry.


Spot Removal

If a spill occurs, use a clean absorbent cloth or paper towel to absorb as

much of the liquid as possible. Spray the stained area with an all-purpose

spot remover and rub the surface with a clean white cloth. Turn the cloth

often to a clean side. Grease or oil based stains may require a citrus-solvent

based spot remover. All-purpose and citrus-solvent spot removers

are available from your local janitorial supply distributor*.

*Note – Always test spot removers in an inconspicuous area of the mat.


Gum Removal

Excess chewing gum should be scraped off with a standard putty knife.

Chewing gum residue may require use of a citrus-solvent based spot

remover available locally at your janitorial supply distributor.


Periodic Maintenance

Roll Good products should be periodically deep cleaned by the Hot Water

Extraction method. Best results and quickest dry times will be achieved

with a commercial truck-mounted steam extraction machine. Extraction

cleaning removes deeply embedded soils and should be performed as

needed, based on your traffic count and soil level. A minimum quarterly

extraction cleaning is recommended for high traffic applications, more often during winter months in traffic lanes.




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