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Built with safety and low maintenance as priority.
Affords safe footing, fatigue relief and drainage. Also eliminates breakage of sensitive parts.
Cut rolls available.

roll mat

INDUSTRIAL ROLL MATTING has the added feature of length in one section.

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Fatigue, Drainage Safety


Vulcanized rubber - 3/8" thickness. A molded tread pattern helps to prevent movement of the mat on the floor while reducing slipping hazards.


Factories, assembly lines, packing, shipping areas and food processing stations. For dry or wet areas - liquids drain through, leaving a dry safe non-slip surface.


Vulcanized Rubber


3/8 in


3 x 36 ft


Black (Multipurpose)
Red (Grease Resistant)





The use of rubber drainage mat products pioneered by US MAT AND RUBBER CRPORATION in 1973 revolutionized the use of effective mats in the commercial kitchen.


The problems of slipping, fatigue relief, drainage, and breakage had to be addressed.  Accidents in the kitchen were solved by a new product US MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION  produced and distributed to dealers throughout the country.


Today the mats have evolved so that there are varied sizes, beveled edges, and squared edges so they butt together to cover a floor, wall to wall if necessary.


The compound of the rubber is made and molded so that the top surfaces have a configuration that stops slipping.  US MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION offers two types of kitchen mats; grease resistant mats for use in areas such as in front of fry-o-lators and  regular mats for use behind counters, in food lines, bars and any area where there is not a grease problem.


US MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION also offers varied thickness:  1/2" to 3/4".


The base of the kitchen mats has knobs to create aeration - air flow will help evaporate any liquid that drains through the holes of the mat to the floor.


US MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION'S rubber products are limited to the colors of black and brick red.  The brick red color is grease resistant and the black is used for non-grease areas.


US MAT AND RUBBER CORPORATION offers variations of the kitchen mat;

Vinyl mats that SNAP together, we call KUSHON LOK. Many sparkling colors are available in vinyl KUSHON LOK to add to the aesthetics of an area.  Sizes offered are; 1' x 1' tiles which snap together creating a 'floor above a floor'.

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY MATTING is a rubber matting that comes up to 3’ x 36’ in one


SNAP TITE is a rubber mat that comes in 3’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’ sections in black (regular formula) and red (grease resistant formula).


Breakage is reduced by using kitchen mats.  Dishes, glasses, anything that falls onto the kitchen mats, do so with a lower breakage rate than those items that fall directly onto a floor without a kitchen mat.


Injuries such as slips and falls are eliminated by use of the kitchen mats.  In the KUSHON LOK (black color only) a 'grit' can be added so that the surface is as slip resistant as the rubber product!  The use of these mats has been a boon to the hotel and restaurant industries. 


Drainage mats have evolved so that they are being used in many other areas in which 'flow though' of liquids occurs, a 'floor-above-a floor' is required, and/or slip resistance is of importance.



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